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Smart watches are new products in the digital world, with a very broad market and great development opportunities. With the development of science and technology, people have begun to pursue intelligence and convenience, and the consumption characteristics of the value concept have become increasingly prominent. At present, when consumers buy a product, they are more inclined to whether the product is fully functional and can meet the needs of consumers.

In the past near future a best budget smartwatch launched, which is IMILAB KW66, it was made to be based on the needs of consumers.

There are already some smartwatches in the market. But seems like the “Rookie” KW66 does not to be outdone. The global sales of KW66 watches have reached 350,000!!!

KW66 has a 1.28- inch 3D high-definition curved screen, clear picture quality, up to 30 days of battery life, a total of 13 sports modes, suitable for each different sports mode, and it also supports heart rate monitoring, sleep detection. With its fashion design and drop-resistant, KW66 deserves being popular.

Now this excellent watch has been sold to 20 countries including Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Poland, Greece, etc. The footprint of KW66 has been found on many tech website and major media such as Youtube, and you can find almost 150+ videos and pages of KW66 online.

Now the Black Friday is coming, it will be a surprising thing to see how KW66 will shine in this crazy shopping period!

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