70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K review. Built-in GPS and ADAS driving assistance!

70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K review. Built-in GPS and ADAS driving assistance!

70mai A800s

The optional version of 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K is actually composed of the standard version of 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K and 70mai streaming media HD rear pull camera, which can realize the dual recording function of 1080P before 4K, 4K ultra-clear resolution, front and rear Dual recording, built-in GPS and ADAS driving assistance!

In terms of appearance, the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K adopts a minimalist design style, just like an old TV. The silver-gray lens is the finishing touch, which greatly enhances the quality of the product itself.

70mai Dash Cam A800S

3 inches IPS screen, the display effect is not bad, the bottom of the front is 4 function keys, depending on the content of the screen, except for the initial setting operation, generally not necessary, because the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K supports voice control. On the left is the power connector, rear lens connector, and Micro-SD card slot, and on the right is the power button.
The bottom is a detachable fixed base, the detachable base design makes installation easier and faster, and it is also convenient for the owner to remove it at any time in daily life. On the fixed base are the nameplate and QR code, and the 70mai LOGO is on the right side of the nameplate. 4K Ultra HD is the highlight of the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K, which supports 4K ultra-clear resolution recording.

It is worth mentioning that the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K also has a built-in 500mAh high-temperature-resistant lithium battery that is rare at the same price. Even if the vehicle is not started, it still works normally. After entering the parking monitoring mode, the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K can monitor the vehicle 24 hours a day, and will automatically start video recording in the event of a collision, and will automatically remind you to watch it when you get in the car next time.

70mai Dash Cam A800S

The front camera adopts Sony IMX415 Starlight Night Vision CMOS, with a 1/2.8-inch outsole, which can achieve true non-interpolated 4K ultra-clear resolution. With Sony STARVIS back-illuminated technology, it is still good even in low light environments. Imaging effect.

In addition to physical button operations, the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K can also be controlled by the 70mai APP. Through this APP, 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K can be set in more detail, such as video quality, recording market, open hotspots and download videos Or pictures and so on.
Compared with the physical button control and mobile APP control, the most trouble-free is voice control. The 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K can be directly controlled by voice commands without a wake-up word, and supports functions such as taking pictures and videos. In the actual use process, the voice commands can basically be accurately recognized and responded to, which truly liberates both hands.

Since the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K is equipped with Huawei HiSilicon Hi3559V200 (car-grade) flagship dual-core processor, daily control is quite smooth, dual-recording Sensor input with the latest image coding technology, clear video quality, and small video file capacity. For a 1-minute video, the file size is about 175MB. A 64GB high-speed card is enough to store a lot of content, not to mention the automatic loop recording function, so there is no need to worry about the card being full.

70mai Dash Cam A800S

For the driving recorder, clear and stable recording of road condition information is the key point, and other functions are just to assist in expansion. A simple shooting test was carried out on the front camera of the 70mai A800s Dash Cam 4K. The effect is quite good during the day. The photos are truly restored to the scene. The car number plate is clearly visible. The 140-degree wide-angle field of view is quite wide, and it can easily cover 3 lanes or even 4 lanes. The performance is still satisfactory. The pull-back camera is also good, with a 120-degree wide angle that can cover 3 lanes, both front and rear.

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