Measuring blood oxygen and heart rate, Meizu smart watch gives you all-weather health monitoring.

Measuring blood oxygen and heart rate, Meizu smart watch gives you all-weather health monitoring.

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A full smart watch, in addition to having independent network communication function, health function is also an indispensable and important module. After all, sub-health has become a major problem facing modern people…… Real-time understanding of their health status, timely adjustment of the rules of work and rest, in order to keep away from disease, nip in the bud.

From the very beginning, when Meizu built the health monitoring system for its full smartwatch, it had a definite goal: to achieve all-weather health monitoring capability. A person’s health data is dynamic, and we need to make sure that users have 7 x 24 hours of access to their body.

Meizu X Meixin, professional level health testing

To do so requires a powerful combination of monitoring hardware and health algorithms. Therefore, Meizu finds Meizu as its partner in the field of health monitoring, and jointly builds the health monitoring system of Meizu’s full smart watch. The health monitoring functions of many professional high-end sports watches in the industry are also deeply involved and developed by them.

Microarc curved 3D ceramic back cover

The back of Meizu’s full smart watch is a 3D ceramic back cover, which is the most direct and longest contact part between the watch body and the human body. In order to avoid users’ allergies, Meizu chooses high-end ceramic material.

The back of Meizu’s full smart watch is a 3D ceramic back cover, which is the most direct and longest contact part between the watch body and the human body. In order to avoid users’ allergies, Meizu chooses high-end ceramic material.

In addition, in order to avoid the foreign body sensation caused by the bulge in the middle of the back cover when the watch is worn, we have also designed a unique micro-arc surface, which can effectively meet the operation of the sensor, and not top the hand, not to bring any sense of pressure to the wrist, suitable for a long time to wear.

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Transcutaneous oxygen monitor

Relying on the built-in blood oxygen sensor, Meizu’s full smartwatch fully supports blood oxygen monitoring. The principle of monitoring is: green, red and infrared LED light shine on the blood vessels in your wrist, while photodiode measures the amount of light reflected back; The blood oxygen algorithm determines the amount of oxygen in the blood based on changes in the amount of light absorbed during the pulse.

Oxygen saturation refers to the volume of oxygenated red blood eggs in the blood as a percentage of total binding hemoglobin volume. Blood oxygen index can be a lateral reflection of the level of cellular metabolism.

In epidemics, low oxygen saturation is a typical symptom of pneumonia, which is an important feature that distinguishes pneumonia from the common cold.

In addition, a variety of clinical diseases will also cause the lack of oxygen supply, affect cell metabolism, and even threaten people’s lives, so real-time blood oxygen monitoring is very important in clinical rescue.

Now, with Meizu’s full smartwatch, you can monitor your blood oxygen levels anytime, anywhere. It is suggested that high-intensity mental workers, elderly people, people with hypoxia in high mountain/plateau environment, and people with sleep snoring should pay continuous attention to their blood oxygen status.

Heart rate monitoring

In addition to blood oxygen monitoring, Meizu’s full smart watch also supports emitting high-precision green light through the heart rate sensor at the bottom, relying on another three photoelectric receiving diodes to convert signals and cooperate with a variety of algorithms to achieve accurate heart rate monitoring. Minor changes in arrhythmia are fleeting and need to be monitored continuously. Meizu smart watch will continuously organize the recorded data and finally synchronize it to the mobile phone for storage.

Meizu’s entire smartwatch will alert you when your heart rate is too fast or too low. If you get frequent warning signs of heart rate variability, it’s likely a sign of a major health problem that needs to be seen by a professional for advice. But it’s hard to notice these symptoms directly just by feeling them.

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Pressure monitoring

In addition to the above two core monitoring functions, when you are too stressed, the emotional changes of irritability will also affect the changes of heart rate and blood oxygen. After a series of algorithm calculation, a standard of pressure value can be obtained to realize the emotional pressure monitoring of human body. We through a small experiment contrast, to perceive the pressure monitoring function, on the left is normal when the alarm clock wake the pressure value of the human body, is on the right side of the watch alarm clock wake up the pressure value. Relative to traditional let mobile phone alarm clock wake up, watch alarm clock relatively more gentle, if you use mEngine comfortable natural vibration is more let a person awake, you can in two significant pressure value changes, feel the two awakened state pressure index of different human body.

Respiratory training

In order to relieve your daily pressure, Meizu also adds additional breathing training function, which can help you to relieve your mood when your pressure value is at a high level. When you breathe deeply, you take in more oxygen, re-pace your breathing, relax your stressed mind, and eventually help your brain return to rational thinking after many deep breaths.

Sleep monitoring

Meizu’s full smartwatch can also help you monitor your sleep when you fall asleep. By built-in acceleration sensor that can identify you when sleep apnea slight change, can measure sporadic nap, deep sleep and waking slightly different. During sleep, meizu all smart watch will also keep the records of heart rate and blood oxygen, no yisiyihao’s changes will not pass. Information of sleep every night, will be analyzed as the rhythm of sleep report. It is convenient for you to better adjust your sleep goals and develop regular and healthy sleep habits. Blood oxygen, heart rate, stress, sleep, these four monitoring ability, are all-weather continuous monitoring. All this is automatic, non-inductive, all-weather health monitoring. It is like doing physical examination for you in real time, organizing the subtle changes in the body into reference data, paying attention to the changes of the body in advance, and adding a layer of insurance for health.

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