Mi 12 re-exposed: symmetrical dual speakers, all series curved screen

Mi 12 re-exposed: symmetrical dual speakers, all series curved screen


Yesterday, the official officially confirmed that it will bring its 2021 Snapdragon Technology Summit from December 1st to 3rd, and reveal the new generation of Snapdragon mobile platforms.

With the confirmation of the arrival time of the new generation of Snapdragon flagship mobile platform, there are also many news speculating which brand the first product equipped with this chip comes from.

It is reported that the Xiaomi Mi 11 series was released in late December last year. If Xiaomi wants to continue this new product release cycle, then this year’s Xiaomi 12 series may also be released in December.

Therefore, all the news currently appearing believe that the Mi 12 series will officially arrive in the upcoming December. As the rumored release time approaches, there are now a large number of related products appearing.

It is reported that the latest information mentions, “The number of ultra-high pixels is decreasing. The four new flagships of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 tentatively scheduled to be launched in December are all 50 million outsole main cameras. However, there are still 100 million behind. Pixel and 200 million pixel camera”.

If the previous news is true, there should be a brand-new Mi 12 series among the models listed in December. In other words, the Mi 12 series will be equipped with a 50 million outsole main camera.

In addition, some sources mentioned that Xiaomi’s new phones code-named l1, l2, and l3 belong to the Mi 12 series. These code-named models are also mentioned in the latest news.

According to the data, the new machine code-named l1 “can’t keep up with sm8475 from the perspective of scheduling, and the current measurement is still sm8450.” “Its peripheral specifications are also top-level.”

As for the sm8475 mentioned in this revelation, it is said that it is Qualcomm’s flagship core based on TSMC’s 4nm.

As for the image capabilities that many users are concerned about, in addition to the 50-megapixel outsole main camera mentioned above, the latest information also mentions that it will be equipped with a three-camera combination of main camera + super wide-angle + macro, of which the super large The bottom main camera also supports OIS anti-shake, which can bring a significant imaging improvement.

At the same time, this information also shows that the device code-named l2 in the Mi 12 series will support 5x telephoto, adopt a full range of curved screen solutions, and be equipped with a glass back cover.

In addition, related content has also appeared for the upcoming product version of the Xiaomi 12 series.

According to the data, the Mi 12 series should be launched in the standard version, the Pro version and the super cup version as last year. But at the same time, there is news that Xiaomi may add a “small cup” product to the digital flagship update, which will replace the previous standard version.

However, there is currently no confirmed new product version information. However, with regard to the product content mentioned in the information, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra with the highest positioning has received considerable attention. There is also news that a set of conceptual renderings of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra have been exposed.

Combined with the picture, the rendering of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra continues the design style and ideas of its previous generation product. A secondary screen is installed at the rear, and the entire rear camera module has become larger, and the lens components are arranged vertically.

At the same time, the new machine shown in the rendering has a center-punched design. In other words, this generation of Xiaomi’s new flagship does not apply the off-screen camera solution.

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