iHealth Test Strips

iHealth Test Strips

iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips 2019 Version
Sold separately from iHealth Glucometers (iHealth Align and Smart Wireless Glucose Meters)

Product Description

Do you need to restock on your iHealth test strips?
The iHealth strips are used with a blood sample taken from the fingertip (or an alternate site such as the arm or thigh) using the iHealth lancets and lancing pen.
This pack contains 2 vials of 25 strips that work with the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System and the iHealth Align Mini Blood Glucose Monitor.
The iHealth strip is inserted into the iHealth glucometer and will measure the blood glucose by analysing the reaction between the blood and the test strip. As an additional feature, each vial has a barcode which will check the expiry date of your strips and prompt you when running low.
Please note these strips are not provided with the iHealth Blood Glucose Monitors and much be purchased here separately.


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