Mi Portable Razor

Mi Portable Razor

Use sharp and tough Nippon Steel.
Lightweight and portable, only 16.6mm thick, weighing about 107g.
Skin-friendly dual blade, shaving quickly and more comfortable.
With Voronoi geometry, the design is inspired by the dragonfly’s wings.
The blade is at an acute angle of 27 degrees, greatly enhancing the blade cutting force.
Silent and high speed of 6500 rpm, run-time noise only 65dB.
Shave for 1 minutes daily for 60 days.


Product Description


Brand XIAOMI Mijia
Model MSW201
Waterproof Grade IPX7
Charging Time 1 Hour
Working Time 60 Min
Motor Speed 6500RPM
Rated Power 5W
Rated Voltage 5V
Size 16.5×56.6×95.0mm
Weight 107g
Replacement Head ID 1601615


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