Mi True Wireless Earphones Mi AirDot Pro Global

Mi True Wireless Earphones Mi AirDot Pro Global

Split body design, pick up automatic boot, storage automatically shut down and charge.
Storage box for easy carrying.
Bluetooth 5.0 technology, stereo call, intelligent noise reduction, automatic connection, ultra-low power consumption.
Smart touch operation.
7.2mm dynamic speaker, wider range, more explosive sound.
Weighs only 4.2g, ultra-mini body, comfortable to wear.
Comes with 300mAh charging dock for 12 hours of battery life.


Product Description

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset AirDots Youth Edition

Break the “line” system and make a free voice Wireless split body design | pick up and start automatically Touch operation | New Bluetooth 5.0

Elegent and simple, delicate material

The sleek and compact is simple and full, which complements its simple operation. The charging box is made of high-difficult two-color injection molding technology, with trandlucent matte material, which is not only durable and wearable, but also has a sense of beauty, which makes peoplke love it.

Throw away the bondage Feel the agility of music

With TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, the binaural split body design, from now one without the headset line, enjoy the freedom of the melody.

Take out the box and automatically boot

At the touch a button Control by heart

Hello, xiaoai classmates

Tap twice to wake up Xiaoai voice assistant, no need to take time to pick up the phone. In a word, it helps you to solve the trivial things of life.

Find better, new Bluetooth 5.0

Stereo call, hear more clearly

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Hearset AirDots Youth Edition use a new version if the chip to achieve two-channel stereo. Listen more clearly, and the call is close at hand.

Double bass, make the sound more sensation

Close to both ears, comfortable and endless

12 hours of battery life, happy and uniterrupted

Indulge in the world of personal music

Like, I want to share half with you

Work, there is also “enjoy” accompanied


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