Xiaomi Mijia Original Auto Induction Foaming Hand Washer

Xiaomi Mijia Original Auto Induction Foaming Hand Washer

Main Features
● No contact, more sanitary, effective antibacterial, gas and liquid bubble ratio to 12:1
● Fine and dense foam can better cover skin epidermis, direct to fine pore, achieve deep cleansing
● Effective inhibition of daily bacteria, inhibition rate up to 99.9 percent, micron-grade foam, penetrate into pores, deep cleansing
● Compact body, natural plant essence, moist and comfortable, hand sanitizer close to skin pH value, gentle and skin-friendly, not tight, foam without residue
● Can effectively inhibit e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and other common life bacteria, effectively care for the health of the family
● The micro-high efficiency motor and its rubber damping structure not only have high bubble efficiency, but also will not be disturbed by noise when used, intelligent induction design, low power consumption
● 320mL large-capacity design, available for 400 times, compact, minimalist, understated design style automatically sensing bubbles without press
● Sensing distance: 60 – 90mm, waterproof grade: IPX4, rated voltage: 6V

Product Description


Main Features
● Bionics arc design, 13.5 degrees elevation in line with the natural state of reaching, ergonomic and comfortable.
● With near field infrared sensor, reaching your hand, 0.25s quick foaming, contact-free, easy to use.
● Reasonable amount gives a better using experience to ensure the best sense of use.
● No need of installation, just as smaller as a toothbrush cup, suitable for bathroom, kitchen, balcony.
● Ultra-low noise, it will not disturb you even at night.

Product name: xiaomi mijia auto foam soap hand washer
Size: 73 * 98 *190mm
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 6V
Waterproof: IPX4
Induction distance: 60-90mm
Working temperature: 5 Celsius to 40 Celsius
Working humidity: 0% ~ 85%RH
Battey type: AA battery (batteries are not include)


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