The best outdoor security camera? Imilab EC4 review, the best choice for Xiaomi distributors

The best outdoor security camera? Imilab EC4 review, the best choice for Xiaomi distributors

Imilab Security Camera Ec4 9

Imilab is a well-known brand in the security field, especially the camera field! As a leader in smart home security gadgets, this global innovator takes pride in providing all security services to the home. As people return to work and school and reduce time at home, homeowners are flocking to update their home security technology, looking for cameras to protect their homes and property from the inside out while they are out. IMILAB makes some pretty good cameras and their latest products.

Not long ago, IMILAB Global launched their new home security device EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Set. IMILAB EC4 is their most advanced outdoor camera, with 2.5K video, full-color night vision, IP66 water resistance and the ability to charge the camera through solar energy.

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The EC4 Spotlight battery camera kit is designed with the most advanced features and will help make the home safer, and is scheduled to be released later this month. IMILAB has said: We are very happy to help families feel confident that their houses are fully protected, especially when they start to spend more time away from home enjoying activities.

Battery-powered cameras have too short lifespan and must be disassembled frequently to recharge. Therefore, Imilab was looking for a solution so that your camera would never be cut off, so I chose to provide a model with optional solar panels. The camera integrates a 5200mAh battery, which can run for about 100 days. With solar panels, there is no need to worry about charging anymore. The panel has a high efficiency of 3.5W.

Imilab Security Camera Ec4

In addition, IMILAB Security Camera EC4 uses 2.5K color night vision mode to make the night clear. Although the night is dark, the colors are bright and the brightness can be adjusted through the app. The LED has also been integrated into the front of the camera. Imilab integrates PIR human motion detection with an accuracy of 101%, which can significantly reduce false alarms. AI can recognize human faces, animals, and vehicles; the camera can also recognize human figures and alarm with sound and light.

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Moreover, IMILAB Security Camera EC4 has a waterproof rating of IP66 and can be used outdoors. It can operate in a temperature range of -20 to 50°C, ensuring that your home is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The user only needs to open the Imilab Home application to remotely enjoy the camera’s high-resolution images in real time on the mobile phone. And you can talk directly with anyone close to your home through two-way audio. Imilab integrates a 4Mp lens with a large f/1.6 aperture. The picture is clear, giving people a visually pleasant feeling.

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Finally, users can also set up EC4 spotlights to design and protect certain areas in their homes or real estate. If someone enters one of the defined areas, the spotlight will flash and the built-in alarm will be triggered. EC4 installation is simple and quick. One of the best qualities of EC4 is the relatively low maintenance cost after installation. IMILAB’s reputation for developing the most advanced technology to ensure home safety existed long before the launch of this new camera set.

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Imilab is a leader in smart home technology gadgets that can help protect your home, valuables and family safety in the future.

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