What’s the use of Xiaomi’s noise-cancelling headset Pro, the world’s first Snapdragon listening technology?

What’s the use of Xiaomi’s noise-cancelling headset Pro, the world’s first Snapdragon listening technology?

Today, Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi’s noise-canceling headset Pro is the world’s premiere of Qualcomm’s flagship audio technology. As Qualcomm’s flagship audio technology, what functional upgrades will “Snapdragon Listen” bring? How to experience?

According to the official introduction, Snapdragon Listening Technology can bring three new experiences to Xiaomi’s flagship noise-canceling earphone Pro; including giving true wireless earphones a music experience up to Hi-Res specification (24bit/96kHz), which can be dynamically adjusted The transmission rate provides superior anti-interference and anti-interruption capabilities; allows the other party in a voice call to hear a more natural sound; when a delay-sensitive scene is detected, it automatically switches to the game low-latency mode, reducing the Bluetooth delay to only 89ms.

So, what is the low latency mode of the game?

According to the official introduction, the low-latency Bluetooth encoding mode is included in the Snapdragon Listen. When a delay-sensitive game scene is monitored, the transmission rate is switched to 280kbps. In this way, it can reach 89ms on a truly wireless headset. Ultra-low latency. It is worth mentioning that Snapdragon Listening has also changed the encoding used in traditional Bluetooth calls, increasing the uplink audio data to 16bit/32KHz.

Therefore, the wide frequency of 20Hz-16KHz can be reserved, so that the voice tone will be more natural during a voice call.

It is important to note that Snapdragon Listening requires both a mobile phone and a headset. Currently, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra support Snapdragon Listening. Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro is the first true wireless Bluetooth headset that supports Snapdragon Listening. . Turn on the Snapdragon listening function: you need to upgrade your phone to the latest MIUI stable version, upgrade the Xiaomi app to the latest version (5.1.05), and enable 96KHz mode and games in the options of the system settings-Bluetooth-Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Low latency mode.


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