Xiaomi Youpin has just launched this new product and that is so hot

Xiaomi Youpin has just launched this new product and that is so hot


A few days ago, Xiaomi Youpin Mall has launched a very practical product-Huohou mini multi-function knife. This small new product has many practical functions hidden. It can be regarded as a poke of the desire to buy rice noodles. Crazy rush to book, easily break 10,000 reservations, it is a very popular product, what are the fever functions, let us take a look.

Huohou mini multi-function knife has the characteristics of high precision, high durability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. It contains 10 kinds of essential tools for life, including: glasses screwdriver, tweezers, ear spoons, scissors, bottle opener, Flat-blade screwdriver, box opening knife, main knife, mobile phone card pin, etc., these are frequently used functions in life, especially functions such as ear digging, scissors, bottle opener, etc., which can be said to be used every day. In hand, life is worry-free.

To have such an exquisite multi-function tool is the dream of many boys since childhood, and Xiaomi Youpin’s mini multi-function knife combines various practical functions in life to meet the various needs of rice noodles. Combining all kinds of small accessories together, rice noodles will no longer be afraid of finding life tools. This product may become the first multi-functional product of rice noodles.

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